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Email 23. Jun, 2015


I used abacus to help my son with English. He was a bright boy but lacked application. The abacus structure ensured that he applied himself on a weekly basis. In the first week he said he had learnt more in English in one week than a full school term.
His improvement in English encouraged me to start extra maths and collectively the maths and English tuition meant that he was more than ready for his GCSEs. I wish that I had also started science as well because it would have made revision much easier. It
is certainly a cost effective way to tutor children

Email Website 3. Jun, 2015

Vivek Gathani

I am now a fully qualified teacher at one of London's best private schools. Whilst at university, I tutored at Abacus.

It was an outstanding learning experience for me as a teacher and Shiraz taught me so much about teaching.

The pupils
were hard-working, focused and determined. The tutors were supportive, understanding and committed. But above all, the support offered to be as a trainee teacher was outstanding.

Thank you.

Email 2. Feb, 2013

Andrea O'Leary

I want to thank you for all your help as the sessions have really helped to keep him focused on his education and his teachers have noticed a big difference at school. So in the future I will certainly be contacting you for sessions for my younger daughter.

Email 20. Jan, 2013

James Cobbett

Hi recieved my exam results got an A in chemistry ,C's in physics and biology and B in additional science .Passed Maths got a C Thanks for you help