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17. May, 2022

Kully Mathur

I can't thank Abacus and Zahira for welcoming Megan to help her grow before and during her Sats . This is an amazing institution if you want your children to improve on their learning abilities. Megan made massive improvements whilst attending and flew
through her Sats with confidence thank you to all the staff and management I will definitely be coming back when the children need that extra boost. I would highly recommend

3. Feb, 2022


Thank you so much to everyone at Abacus that has helped Sam. His English marks have definitely improved. I would highly recommend Abacus to anyone looking for friendly, quality tuition at a reasonable price.

21. Aug, 2020


My daughter started with Abacus sometime last year after doing not so well in her mocks. She was in Shiraz's class and we seen a marked improvement in her second mock. She normally moans about extra classes or after school lessons but she went to tuition
quite happily. I definitely would recommend Abacus, I was very happy all round with the service and would use again without hesitation when my other children are a little older.

24. Jun, 2019


My daughter has been attending Abacus since January. We started tutoring to help with her maths and we have seen a marked improvement in her school work, with her teacher also commenting on the improvements.

Luke and Carol have been fantastic with Mia and I would thoroughly recommend Abacus to anyone.

14. Jun, 2019

Melanie B

My daughter was having tuition in both Maths and English with Abacus. Luke and Carol, the tutors were brilliant. They made here feel very at ease and she has benefitted greatly. Her confidence has improved as well as her skills. I would definitely recommend
Abacus tuition.

10. May, 2019

Vivien robinson

We have been so impressed by the standard of tuition given by Abacus Tuition. Staff have been professional, courteous, dedicated and helpful and have gone way beyond our expectations. We would highly recommend Abacus for tuition.

17. Jan, 2019


My daughter is studying for her GCSE’s and found the boost really useful leading upto her mock exams.

26. Jul, 2018


My daughter started going to Abacus because she needed a confidence boost in the approach to SATs. She really enjoyed it and liked the tutors. I saw a change in her school work and her teacher noticed the difference too. When it came to SATs she was not
worried at all, she breezed through them and achieved great results. Zahira is lovely and approachable and the cost is very reasonable. I have nothing but positive comments to make about our experience.

12. Jun, 2018

Debbie Morgan

Both of my daughters really benefited from their time at Abacus. They have grown in confidence and my oldest stormed through her SATS. Thank you all so much.

11. Jun, 2018


A big thank you to Abacus tuition, my daughter has been coming for over a year and tonight was her last session as her last maths gcse is tomorrow, she has come on leaps and bounds , Carol is amazing and we couldn’t of done it without her , here’s looking
forward to some great results x

4. May, 2018

Beverley Watson

Zahira and her team have been fantastic with their kind support emotionally and academically. My son has come on so far with his Maths and is well prepared for his upcoming GCSE exam's xx

1. Mar, 2018


Many Thanks to Zahira and Team Abacus with your support my son Aayush made it to 11plus exam and got admission in Grammar School.

3. Jan, 2018


Both my twin boys attended Abacas leamington for science tuition for a year and a half. They made excellent progress in both chemistry and physics and as a result have been performing consistently at level 7/8 in all 3 sciences at school. Abacas tuition
gave both boys a solid start to their science GCSEs, reinforcing and building on their knowledge gained from their school lessons. Thank you to the great teachers - I would highly recommend abacus tuition.

30. Aug, 2017


With the help and support from the Abacus tutors my daughter was able to pass her English, Maths and Science GCSES. The tutors treat the children as individuals which makes them feel valued. Zahira is amazing, so caring and she will do her very best to
support the children. Thank you all so so much

25. Aug, 2017


Many thanks to Abacus and all the staff who were able to get the full potential out my daughter Mia. She passed 10 GCSE with there help with including maths English language and literature 2 science many many thanks to staff that care.

27. May, 2017

Rehana Adamjee

Thank you to Abacus and all it's staff. Sakina found coming there very beneficial. The staff are very professional and we saw the difference it made to her. Anyone considering sending their children for tutoring I would definitely recommend Abacus. Zahira,
is very helpful, to her it's not just a business it's about getting the best for our children. Thanks, once again

22. Jul, 2016


Thanks to all at Abacus , Zahira is very professional and keeps you updated and informed of your child progress. Teachers are great and Would def recommend and have gone up sets in maths, just wish I lived closer.

Website 17. May, 2016


My son thoroughly enjoyed attending Abacus to reinforce his knowledge before taking his GCSEs in English and Maths. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging, and helped my son as much as they could. Zahira was very informative, professional and
efficent in organising the sessions. Thank you to everyone at Abacus.

7. May, 2016


My son attended abacus for a year and a half and he has significantly improved in both maths and english. He also became very confident and quicker in answering questions.

Although he is moving on now, he is very grateful for the help and support he has received through abacus.

29. Apr, 2016

Rebecca Collis

My son has only had one session so far, but after he oozed confidence and was excited to go to school the following day to show off what he had been taught!

Big thanks to the hard working staff!!

Website 18. Apr, 2016

Hannah Fletcher

My daughter has only been to 1.session so far but absolutely loved it and can't wait to go again she learnt so much in her first session and enjoyed learning I can tell the teachers really care about the children's learning and the staff have been so helpful
and listened to all her needs. Thank you Abacus Tuition

15. Dec, 2015


The team at Abacus gave my daughter an attentive level of support with her maths that she wasn't receiving at school. She has now moved up a set at school, having gained much confidence, and this is also evident in the feedback from her school.

big thank you to the whole team with a special mention to Zahira for being so welcoming, accommodating and tailoring a learning program for our daughter.

3. Nov, 2015


I believe abacus tuition gave my son the support he needed to achieve the best grade of his capability for his English language GCSE . I would also like to thank the whole abacus team for their continuing support to help him achieve a grade A in GCSE maths.
Also I am immensely grateful to abacus for helping my daughter achieve an A in biology and an A in chemistry for her Alevel.

Keep up the good work
Nargis x

9. Sep, 2015


My son is brilliant at Maths and seems to have a method in his madness. I am delighted that Shiraz is honing his abilities in a structured way and making him look forward to the challenges ahead. I am very impressed with the Skype Tuition he has organised
for my son in such a flexible manner.
Thank you Shiraz

27. Aug, 2015


Syrah passed her maths she achieved a C. I would like to thank you and the maths tutors who helped Syrah pass her maths she also is highly grateful with the way you's helped with her maths and we will highly recommend your tuition to family and friends

Kind regards Rabeena x

31. Jul, 2015


Initially our daughter wasn't keen on having maths tuition. But within 3weeks actually looked forward to you going! Not only did it help her learn but she gained confidence & new study skills. Abacus is obviously a business but it is apparent above this
the children's needs are priority. Zahira is brilliant with the.children & parents too! They are doing a great job. Well done!

24. Jun, 2015


My son had six months to revise and apply himself prior to gcses; abacus helped him focus and have guidance as he felt overwhelmed initially.
Loved the fact that if he couldn't make a session then w could switch his day so he could make the time up.
staff and support thanks x

23. Jun, 2015


I used abacus to help my son with English. He was a bright boy but lacked application. The abacus structure ensured that he applied himself on a weekly basis. In the first week he said he had learnt more in English in one week than a full school term.
His improvement in English encouraged me to start extra maths and collectively the maths and English tuition meant that he was more than ready for his GCSEs. I wish that I had also started science as well because it would have made revision much easier. It
is certainly a cost effective way to tutor children

Website 3. Jun, 2015

Vivek Gathani

I am now a fully qualified teacher at one of London's best private schools. Whilst at university, I tutored at Abacus.

It was an outstanding learning experience for me as a teacher and Shiraz taught me so much about teaching.

The pupils
were hard-working, focused and determined. The tutors were supportive, understanding and committed. But above all, the support offered to be as a trainee teacher was outstanding.

Thank you.

2. Feb, 2013

Andrea O'Leary

I want to thank you for all your help as the sessions have really helped to keep him focused on his education and his teachers have noticed a big difference at school. So in the future I will certainly be contacting you for sessions for my younger daughter.

20. Jan, 2013

James Cobbett

Hi recieved my exam results got an A in chemistry ,C's in physics and biology and B in additional science .Passed Maths got a C Thanks for you help