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Updated 17/3/20: COVID-19

Dear Parents,

In the 20 years that Abacus has been helping children we have never had to send such a message and at such a crucial time in the academic year.  But considering your child’s safety and that of our tutors we have no alternative but to take the following action. Please do read the entire message as we will be putting some measures in place that we hope will help:

It is with deep regret that all sessions effective immediately will be closed until further notice. All payments will be carried forward to the return date (tbc). You will not lose out!


* Year 2 & 6

 Of course your child will need their practice papers to do at home. Please come and collect your child’s papers from the Radford office at the Jubilee Crescent centre this Saturday 21st March between 12-1pm. 

The answers are included so please mark the papers for your child as they do them. We will of course go over corrections with them when we start back. 


  • Year 11 students. 

 Your child should already have their papers with them. Please get them to work through them and all answers are also included. Get them to mark their own, any questions they are particularly struggling with can be emailed to me. See email address below. 


  • Years 3, 4, & 5 children. 

 We advise that your child only does one hour of maths and one hour of English in their tuition books per week. Just as they would normally. 

 On returning we will do our very best to mark all work and go over corrections.  


  • Years 7-10. 

 We advise that your child only spends the amount of time they would normally each week doing tuition work. If you are unsure which topics please email us. 

 On returning we will do our very best to mark all work and go over corrections. 


I will also be putting some work on our website on the ‘students page’. 

Please feel free to get your child to have a go. 

 ‘Students Page’



If you have any queries whilst we are shutdown please do contact us on:

(Please check your junk mail for replies)

Please do look after yourself and your families. We hope to welcome you all back in the near future. 

Kind regards, 

Shiraz & Zahira. 

  • Maths

  • English

  • Science


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Abacus has been successfully tutoring pupils since we began in September 2000. We have centres in Coventry: Stoke, Coundon Canley and Radford. Whether it be Primary or Secondary tuition, Maths, English or Science tuition, we help pupils to prepare for SATs, GCSE, Entrance Exams & A Levels.  Pupils are given an individual tuition program to follow depending on their needs and ability. All the tuition is

100% NATIONAL CURRICULUM based, classwork and homework are marked regularly. Pupils are given ample time and opportunity to prepare for forthcoming exams through the use of practice papers. Not only do we help your child to reach their full potential but also help to improve their confidence. Most of our students come to us through recommendation!