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To reserve your child's place for when we re-open please call Zahira on 07749319366.

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Most Of Our Students Come To Us Through Recommendation

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Abacus has been successfully tutoring pupils since we began in September 2000. We have centres in Coventry: Stoke, Coundon, Foleshill and Radford. Whether it be Primary or Secondary tuition, Maths, English or Science tuition, we help pupils to prepare for SATs, GCSE, Entrance Exams & A Levels.  Pupils are given an individual tuition program to follow depending on their needs and ability. All the tuition is

100% NATIONAL CURRICULUM based, classwork and homework are marked regularly. Pupils are given ample time and opportunity to prepare for forthcoming exams through the use of practice papers. Not only do we help your child to reach their full potential but also help to improve their confidence. Most of our students come to us through recommendation!